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    In the late 1960's and early 1970's, the Adam's Mill Covered Bridge's condition was suffering. It was a party spot to vandals as they started fires near the bridge, knocked off  siding, and painted graffiti on the landmark. In the mid 1970's, Adam's Mill Covered Bridge was closed to traffic. Then, in 1995, almost 25 years later, the bridge was closed to foot traffic because of cracks found in load bearing timbers.


The bridge was in such poor condition, residents thought it was ready to fall into the Widcat creek.


Images from Mick & Irma Cook


Close up of rotten timbers 

    In the spring of 1994 the Friends of Adams Mill Valley Inc. applied for a TEA (transportation enhancement activities) grant. In November, the Indiana Department of Transportation approved the grant for $291,200.00 This was 80% of the estimated restoration cost of $364,00.00. The Friends of Adam's Mill Valley Inc. had to raise the remaining 20% of the money, about $80,000.00 dollars, and the county set aside $20,000.00 in bridge money.

    After four years of hard work and fundraising, with auctions, dinners, dances, golfing, Craft Fairs, raffles and selling of miscellaneous items, etc, the non- profit organization presented a check to the Carroll County commissioners for $85,404.31.

    In November of 1998, a contract was awarded to Kaser- Spraker Inc. bridge contractors of Indianapolis for the amount of $545,932.00 for restoration. Engineering fees added to the project, about $170,000.00

    On Oct. 9, 1999, the Adam's Mill Covered Bridge Bridge was open to traffic with a 3 ton weight limit. Also on that day, they had a big parade and celebration to let people know they had reached their goal. The renovations included adding a window on each side for a great view of the Wildcat Creek.



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